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In 1994, MAMA began conducting, filming, and broadcasting interviews of influential people to share different ideas and perspectives. Hosts Jason Schwartz and Airielle Pearson interviewed a diverse range of people and subjects, from the president of the Maui electric company about renewable energy development to acupuncturists and healers, musicians and dancers, and inventors of new technologies and progressive ideas. Check out a few videos here and then see our video libraries, below linked!

Paolo Lugari & Gunter Pauli

 Interview with Paolo Lugari, founder of Gaviotas* community and Gunter Pauli of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research Institute) about proposed self sustainability model and reforestation project for Hawaii. *Gaviotas may well be the most successful example of self sustainability located in Colombia since 1964. This interview was done on a Special Visit Lugari made to New Mexico location for a retreat on "Innovation and Perseverance".

JWS- Dalibor Miklavčič & Eva Kras

 Interview with Dalibor Miklavčič, known in Europe as a masterful classical keyboard performer and improvisationalist and strong revivalist of the pedal piano created in 1785 by none other than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His lady friend Eva Kras, National Theatre Group in Slovenia.

Jason Schwartz & Jimmy Kimmel Live!
(Click Link Here for other shows)
Jason has a one to one conversation with Rev. James Kimmel of Maui. Kimmel is the founder and lead pastor of the Religion of Jesus Church and 44 year student and teacher of "the Urantia Book", which can be found at http://urantia.org Kimmel resides in Maui, Hawaii and has recorded numerous interview shows with Schwartz.
God and Science and Kimmel's Unified Field Theory


Hemp Feast II and Tara Dance for Tai Situ Rinpoche PLUS

 Not only is the Hemp Feast at Longhi's Restaurant in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii in 1996 on this video; there is the prayer dance in 1995 on Maui: 21 Aspects of Tara for Tai Situ Rinpoche; then Jason singing a song with Lono 1995, singing "Sometimes When We Touch". Visits with many people and faces, some here, some gone...

Airielle with Alana Shapiro

 Airielle interviews artist, photographer & friend Alana Shapiro. Alana was a photographer and artist, and she visited for a fun afternoon perusing her art & photography. 

Jason Schwartz With Bruce Frantzis 1-29-2013. Jason interviews Bruce about his newest book, "Taoist Sexual Meditation. Bruce has been a major force in communicating Taoist practices and culture to the West over the last 50 years. They sit in a practice studio in Paia, Maui, Hawaii for a conversation on a rainy January morning.

Jason Schwartz had the great opportunity to revisit onscreen with decade long friend, Dr. Fred Eckfeld, a multi-capable/cross modality chiropractor for people, dogs, cats, horses, birds, snakes..... visits to Makena Stables in Maui, Hawaii and to Maui Meadows puppy health/homecare... 2008 and then, Jason spoke with Fred again 2011 from the hills of Maui's Waihee/Wailuku Hills... his work gets more popular on Maui... and globally. (You may find an interview or two Airielle and Jason did with Fred more than a decade earlier on different chiropractic work and energetics.)


Here are more titles- The list got so long, we stopped all the logging in; here are more titles:

Jose Ortiz & John Messersmith share fun times with Jason about the release of their new rock music album, Xero Gravity, featuring their single "American Soldier", by band's lead guitarist Freddie Turk- 10/08

Jason interviews CHRIS ALBIN, Nouveau Riche Real Estate Education esteemed instructor and successful active real estate investor on Maui, July 2010. Chris was on Maui doing a special one-day workshop on current methods most effective for real estate investing in today's real estate markets across the country in this lagging economy.  

Jason spends time with MegaZee, Zeke & Megan Zucaro, seasoned real estate investors and explores the many opportunities that real estate can hold for struggling Americans.  Zeke and Megan travel nationwide and teach tools and techniques for successful wealth portfolio creation and development.  - 4/10

Bogie Speaks Out about Energy Fields and Physical Fields and their Concurrent Relationships. He explains his understandings of the Science behind the Zero Point Energy as described by Albert Einstein, and the Theories of Relativity. Napili Julie uses the Amega Zero Point Resonance Energy Wand in West Maui, Hawaii.

Jeanice Barcelo speaks with Jason about the Reinstated Nation of Hawaii and an open invitation to all people to get to know what they are doing and to align with their support - 2/09

Jason meets with Jon Schulz, scientist, engineer, environmentalist, to share about their mutual meeting/conference with Paolo Lugari of Las Gaviotas and Gunter Pauli, director of ZERI, Zero Emissions Research Institute in 2002, and the updates in what's been happening- our hope is to encourage many projects, including re-forestation of Maui and Big Island's barren/cleared areas- 2/24/09

Jason revisits environmental activist Mike Perry down at Kanaha State Park in Kahului, Maui.  We are viewing progress created by Mike's tireless effort to get rid of non-native plants and allow native plants to grow and thrive - amazing results - 1-09

Obama Inaugural Day Party at the Maui Tropical Plantation, hosted by Karen Stover- musicians included Adisa Omar, Ken Stover, Larry Lavars, Rick Yamashiro, Prio, Fantuzzi and Gypsy Moon band, and a host of others - 1-20-09  

Obama Inaugural Day Meditation at the Maui Tropical Plantation, led by Rev. Ayin Adams., Rev. Astara Hill and Rev. Kedar St. John, along with Blue Mountain and musician Brooks Blanchard - 1-20-09

John & Natalie Tyler discuss their 2008 African Safari and the many people they met there who felt a strong desire to see Barack Obama become US President- 11-08

Jason Sings "We Are the World" at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Castle Theatre with Unity Church choir- 9-28-08

Neto Perraza and his band play at the Los Amigos festival at Maui Community College, 9/08

Jason "Up Close & Personal" series of 2008 Maui Candidate Interview with candidate Chayne Marten - 7/08

Jason "Up Close on Maui with Tom Blackburn Rodriguez, speaking about affordable housing issue on Maui- 5-08

Curt Lee Musical Benefit, May 11. 2008 at the historic Iao Theatre in Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii- dozens of musicians and performers, in 5 parts 

Jason & Airielle interview Brent Ragan, Real Estate Investor and Mentor, about the experience of moving to Maui after extraordinary success thru knowledge and community gained at Nouveau Riche University - 9-06

GMO/GEO- Part 2 Genetically Modified Organisms/Genetically Engineered Foods-- Jason Interview with anti-GMO outspoken leaders: Dr. Lorrin Pang, Maui County head of the Department of Health, Hector Valenzuela, PhD., Vegetable Crops Extension Specialist at UH Manoa, and Walter Ritte, Molokai based Hawaiian activist and UH Regent- - their comments after viewing Part 1 of this special series- 5-06

GMO/GEO- Part 1-  Genetically Modified Organisms/Genetically Engineered Foods--primary focus- Taro & UH patent applications by one of their researchers-  Jason Interview with pro-GMO advocates from University of Hawaii, Manoa- Steve Ferreira, PhD., UH Kula Taro researcher John Cho, PhD., and UH cultural liason Buttons Lovell from the Big Island- 4-06

Jason Interview with Dr. Richard Sword about Psybercology: using Internet and technology to deliver psychological help via the internet. Dr. Sword discusses Lifehut.com, a program to assist US military troops and hteir families in reducing stress, etc. after the loss of a loved one in Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan- 4-06

Airielle interviews Freddy Nielsen; he has returned to Maui in February 2006 for a special appearance before a world tour- they talk in depth about Diksha - 2-06

Jason Interview with Freddy Nielsen & his partner Madeleine Rahm, sharing "Diksha" and Living In Joy and Oneness All the Time - 9-05

Karen Peterson, GivingBackMentoring.org director asks Jason to share the Lei ceremony...Kupunas & Keikis are working together doing "Brain Gym" exercises for better learning, at Kamalii School in Kihei and Pukalani Elementary School in Pukalani- 5/05

Jason Interview with yoga/shiatsu/pearls of spiritual wisdom upcountry Maui teacher -5/05

Jason Interview with painter/artist Randy Groden in his beautiful Makawao Maui, Hawaii gallery - 12/04 

Jason interview with Maui Music talent LONO on the release of his new album, Traditional Hawaiian Music, "OLD STYLE"- 11/04

Dee Larson, environmental activist in Kihei shares with Jason about the dreaded spread of Mangrove trees next to St. Theresa's church in kihei PLUS we explore the Ahupua'a Kulanihakoi Project - 10/03

Jason sings "We Are the World" at the Maui Benefit for Tibetan Children - 10-03

Soulmates: A Rock Opera - interviews with Director David Galligan, Lono, Catherine True, Kelly Covington, Virginia Sandel about themselves and why they are  involved with this production, composed by Patricia Watson - 8/03

Environmental Volunteer of the year on Maui Mike Perry shares with Jason with a walking tour through Kanaha Beach Park area and the extensive cleanup and refoliation efforts of Mike and his awesome volunteer crew; shares the difficulties in interfacing with certain County department head/s - 6/03

Easter 2003 - Unity at the MACC - 4-20-03; Unity Global Choir performs, plus guest appearance by Richard Cray & Debra Lynn/Phantom of the Opera - 4/20/03

Airielle's World - Airielle interview with Christine Sutherland about massage techniques on animals and infants - 2/03

MAMA Presents...Jason interview with Lon Wardop & Naoya Takamasa of Pharmanex about the Bio-Photonic Scanner, Body Defense Index and Free Radicals and Anti-Oxidants and Lifepak solutions - 2/03

Airielle's World -  Airielle again interviews TILAK about the Sacred Mysteries of Life...say YES to Life - 02/03

XMAS EVE 2002 at the MACC - Unity Church & Global Unity Choir bring Christmas cheer- featured musical artists include musical conductors Rafael  and  Curt Lee - parts I & II - 12/02

MAMA Presents...Airielle & Jason again with TILAK, Sri Lankan healer on his return trip to Maui - 12-02

MAMA Presents...Airielle & Jason with RAM DASS, leader in the 60's generation- author of "Be Here Now"... 11/2002

MAMA Presents... Jason with Bikram Yoga Maui leader Laurel White - 10/02

MAMA Presents... Airielle & Jason with RIDS VAN DER ZEE - Magic & Healing - 10/02

MAMA Presents... Airielle & Jason with TILAK, Explorations Into Consciousness - Hands of light 10/02

MAMA Presents...Interview by Jason of Amelia Kinkade, author of Book "Straight From the Horse's Mouth: You Can Talk to Your Animals and Get Answers" ; Franklin Levinson, Maui's Horse Whisperer; also Jamae reciting "The Lorax" by Dr. Suess - 7/02
MAMA Presents...Interview by Jason with the Travellin' Chabad Rabbis, Israel & Mendel - 7/02

MAMA Presents...Interview by Airielle & Jason with Actor/Director/Producer/Group Leader Richard Hatch - 6/02


MAMA Presents...Interview by Airielle with painter/sculptor/photographer Marly Stone in a tour of her home & studio - 4/02

Easter 2002 at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center; featuring the Unity World Choir, led by Rafael, with Airielle, etal. plus Kindred Spirits, plus Debra Lynn & Richard Cray, Virgie Cantorna, Kutira...4/02

Art of Maui 2002 NO Refuses- Jason lets the audience be the judge as he tours both the Art Maui 2002 exhibition at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in Kahului and the Salon Des Refuses at the Wild Banana Gallery in Wailuku - Artist SABO Performs an "Illegal" Art Show in the tradition of newly created "Pidgin Express" genre of art - 04/02

MAMA Presents...Interview by Jason with Artist/Artisan/Musician Kirk Nelson Flood, Kihei, Maui- 03/02

MAMA Presents...Interview by Jason with pop artist DAVO in Village Gallery, Lahaina - with Airielle- 03/02

MAMA Presents...Interview by Airielle with sculptor/potter/painter Marlana River at her studio and in Village gallery, Lahaina- with Jason 03/02

MAMA Presents...Molokai music group 'Lunchbreak''s World TV premiere of their music single "Hot Bread", Terri Garrison back on Maui 'Singin' the Blues...; Kalima and Will introduce their new song; a quick hello from artist Davo about an upcoming interview; Jason sings a couple of songs....plus FIREWORKS!- 03/03/02

Public hearing at Kihei Community center, January 24, 2002 re: zone change proposed by Seibu Corporation in the Makena area - 1/02

Dr. John Lilly, honored leader of efforts to educate man about the Cetacean (Dolphin) Nation; Maalaea Memorial Service & Final Boatride to Spread his Ashes - 1/6/2002

Aloha Concert & Dance 2001-Benefit for Homeless Shelter of the Chapel of the Harvest, Lahaina - Musical guests include Sam Ahia, Fantuzzi, and a host of others - 12/29/01

Unity Xmas Eve 2001 at the MACC - 12/24/01

MAMA Presents...Jason interviews Sabo, creator of "Pidgin Express" Hawaiian Art Movement - 11/01

Salute to Our Fallen Heroes-  Maui Waena School- 5th Grade Class makes potholders & directs letters to NY City Firefighters + 2 song performances by Louise Lambert - 11/01

His Majesty Akahi Nui, King of the Hawaiian Islands reaction to September 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attacks - 9/01

Jason Interview with Activist Vivienne Verdon-Roe re: Dangerous & deadly Effects of LFA (Low frequency Active) Sonar on Dolphins & Whales - 8/27/01  

Grand Re-Opening of the Wild Banana Gallery, Wailuku- featured artist Les Niepo - 9/01
A Moving Experience... Exotic belly dancers perform at Cafe Romantica opening Gala in Wailuku, Maui - 6/01

MAMA Speaks with The Listener & Thor- Jason speaks with new mother 3 Singing Eagles on this 3rd of 3 show interviews- 6/01

Heart & Soul, Fundraiser for the Tibetan Children, arranged by Kachina Palencia - 6/01
Grand Opening Party- Emerald City Recording Studios, OZmosis records, Cody Gillette in Paia - 6/01

DLNR (Department of Land & Natural Resources meeting re: Water Leases on Maui-5-26-00 
and invitation to 5-25-01 meeting on Maui - 5/01

Easter 2001 at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center with Unity Church, Maui- Choir, plus Kindred Spirits - 4/01

Felicity Artemis Flowers - Blood Sisters- performance at Twin Falls, Maui - 4/2001

Easter Bunnies-Vietnam Veterans of Maui County put on the 2nd Annual easter Egg Hunt at the Maui Tropical Plantation - 4/01

Elsita Sterling- A National Treasure- live performance by 95 year young poet and author of new released book, "From Here to THERE...A Tale of Love" - with the Maui Live Poets Society - 4/01

MAUI LIVE POETS SOCIETY gathers in Lahaina - 4/01

SABO- Artist/Oil Sculptor- Pidgin Express -the Millennium Show-  4/01

Felicity: Blood Sister Speaks with Airielle & Jason in a frank conversation about the patriarchy vs. a Matristic society - 3/01

Maui Democratic Century Club- lecturer: Gil Coloma-Agaran, Director of the State Department of Land & Natural Resources - 3/14/01

Outlaws- One Year Anniversary Gala at the courtyard of the Wild Banana Galler...also featuring Dr. Fedwell's Gastronome wagon - 3/01

YOU Be the Judge:- Art for Art's Sake- Salons des Refuse at the Wild Banana Gallery, -then Art Maui 2001 at the MACC - 3/09/01

Jason Speaks with "The Listener", Three Singing Eagles"- 3/01

Black History Month- Ayin Adams- Jimmy Goldawn Childs- Sundance - Sodengi- 02/01

The Shops at Wailuku- February Art Evening at the Wild Banana gallery- featuring artists Debra Du Beau, David Whitney ^ Adrianne Martinez - 2/01

Martin Luther King Day, January 15, 2001- Professor Ayin Adams poignantly delivers famous MLK "I Have a Dream" speech; 200+ take a march for freedom and rally with speeches and music at Maui Mall - 1/15/01

"Happily Married Forever: Putting Love First - Making Love Last", Guest lecturers John & Natalie Tyler at Borders Books - 1/13/01 plus Kenny Roberts- "Haad Shot"

Toys for Tots 2000- Street Bikers United and the U.S. Marines - 12/00

Lucia Vinograd - "Healing" Mural Dedication at the New Directions Center in the Veterans Complex, Westwood, L.A., California - circular healing wall portraying the New Directions Program to assist homeless and substance abuse "victim" Veterans; also the New Directions Gospel Choir- 12/1/00

Jason Interview with Three Singing Eagles- The Voices of the "Forgotten Ones" in the U.S. - her planned "by wheelchair" journey to the new President in Washington D.C. as "The Listener" -11/00

HWWA - Hawaii Water Works Association - Panel Discussion - Stream Flow Use-11/00

Lokelani Intermediate school- MultiCultural Dance Troop-Parents Nite- 11/00


Fun, Politix & Techniks in Kula- 9/00

Groundbreaking- "Filipino"- Maui Community Center, Kahului- 8/19/00

Filipino Chamber of Commerce Honor & Recognition Awards Dinner- 7/00

RELAY FOR LIFE, Kihei at Kalama Park-7/22/00- all night event raising money and awareness about Cancer.

HUI NO KE OLA PONO- Women's Health Awareness Event at Kaahumanu Center-7/00

Grand Re-opening- M.O.M.'s of Maui - 6/00

H.T.T.A. - High tech Trade Association Maui kickoff meeting at Mulberry Street Restaurant, Kihei - 6/00

Grand Re-opening of M.O.M.S. -Meyers of Maui, Kahului- Blues Music & fun-6/00

H.A.T.S.-HELPING ALL THINGS- gathering at the Maui tropical Plantation to give $ to non profits-organized by Elizabeth "Lee Abrams" Wilson, original First Lady of Hawaii Television - 6/00

BIODIESEL: JASON  Interviews SHAUN STENSHOL about the Maui Biodiesel Project and its Positive effects vs: Toxic Chemicals in the air in Hawaii from burning of diesel fuel (cars, electricity production) - 5/00

KIDCAST FOR PEACE / EARTH DAY 2000 - Event coverage 4/00

EASTER at the MACC - Unity Church - 4/00

THE POWER OF ONE - ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE - JASON Interviews Sheila Cole, Environment/health Specialist from Canada - 4/00

 CELEBRATION OF PALAUEA BEACH- 4/00- talk of acquisition of 2nd lot, beach cleanup; MUSIC by Laniloa (Tree & Dave) and special musical guest star LONO & Ray; JASON SINGS AS WELL!.... SHOW-part 2-additional music by Kenny Roberts & Kawika Maikai, and then LONO song, "Life is Pretty Good"


FIRST JOINT MEETING of the Maui County Planning Commission and the Maui Board of Water Supply - 3/00

A DAY ON THE BACKSIDE - JASON VISITS JONATHAN STARR - Building a Racing Canoe, Island Style with Bully Kapahulehua, Photovoltaic Solar Powered Ham Radio, Watertank System, Artist Piero Resta

COMING SOON: "RELAY FOR LIFE" in KIHEI for the American Cancer Society - 3/00

World's Longest peace Poem / Martin Luther King Day Celebration 1/00

TOGETHER in Joy, Peace & Love - Street Bikers United/U.S. Marines Toys for Tots Drive - 12/99 

Sean McLaughlin, President of Akaku:Maui Community TV Speaks at the Democrat Century Club about Access to Public Media in Hawaii - 12/99

JASON Interviews SHARAN LEVINE, author of From Insanity to Sanity &  Beyond, life study-12/99

Vietnam Veterans of Maui County Xmas Gala- 12/99

Channukah- Festival of Lights - Jason visits Mayor Apana with Rabbis Glickman, Garelik & Schusserman to share about this Jewish Holiday and its significance

Bradley Gordon, American Israel Public Affairs Committee Legislative Director- The Status in the Middle East - 12/99

Palauea Beach Birthday party for Lili Townsend and Rally for Palauea- Interview with Richard LaFond from the Sierra Club- 11/99

AIRIELLE'S WORLD - Interview with Auntie Mahealani about Ho'O'PonoPono- 11/99

AIRIELLE'S WORLD - Nutrition for the New Millenium - Interview with Dr. Fred Eckfeld about Seasilver, Liquid Whole Food Vitamin 10/99

Jason Interview with Lee Guthrie- Trash Dumping-What Are We Going to Do About It? - 10/99

AIRIELLE'S WORLD - 10/99-Airielle Interviews Dr. Fred Eckfeld- Nutrition for the New Millenium

VIETNAM VETERANS OF MAUI COUNTY- labor day Picnic/Food Booth at County fair/ 
Democrat Century Club Debate: Mike McCartney & Stuart McKinley-The future of Civil Service in Hawaii- 10/99

Rock & Blues Music Live at Kauhale's Bar with STREETWALKER - 10/99

Jason Interview with Dr. Frederick D. Eckfeld, Chiropractor, re: Chiropractic & Seasilver- 9/99

Jason Interview with Manuela Christener about AVATAR Life Awareness Trainings - 9/99

Music of the Brothers Cazimero- 9/99

SAGES FOR OUR AGES-PART ONE- Jason reads Jim Loomis, Jim Loomis-Saving the Cosmos Til Tuesday-/ Tai Situ Rinpoche -/ Stephen La Fleur- 8/99

BUILDING OF WATERTANK - AT Megan Powers/Jim Loomis & friends in Huelo- 8/99


Montessori International Hawaii Eco-Village Plan/Dee Larsen - 7/99

Tsunami/Hurricane Preparedness- 6/99

AIRIELLE’S WORLD- Interview with Dentist Hal Huggins about Mercury/Silver Amalgams - 6/99

AIRIELLE’S WORLD- Christmas singing with the Joyful Hearts- on the Tour of Homes for the American Heart Association - 12/6/98

AIRIELLE’S WORLD- Airielle Interviews Elsita Sterling-10/98-series premiere

AIRIELLE’S WORLD- Elsita Sterling - 10/98-part 2 +

DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Team - 8/98

MARIANNA RYDVALD- installation of major art piece. Return to Shambala at the Maui Community College...w/Professor Starfire 8/98

The Making of Unlock the Hope... w/Jason & Lono - 8/98

Jason dances with Mayor Linda Lingle 12/98; Poppy Morganâs Memorial First Annual Imua Dance-@Maui Country Club In Spreckelsville 2/14/98; Music By Kindred Spirits @ Honoring The Feminine Festival 3/1/98

KidCast for Peace #7-- Peter Rosen and Creativity Cafe from SIGGRAPH convention floor & linked to Saipan, Maui AND THE WORLD -   7/22/98

Jason Interviews Joe Bertram About Community Based Politics And More. - 7/12/98-

Summer Jam/Hip Hop & Rap-Club 105/Kpmw...Brother Jonn, Aloha Boy, The Worm. Etc.... At The Maui Mall   7/11/98

Visioning The Future Downtown Of Kihei/Joe Bertram-Event- 6/20/98-

Jason Interviews John DeRuiter About Life, Love, Spirit And Living In Truth- 6/9/98-

SASHA TOPERICH, CLASSICAL PIANIST AND ISRAELI/BOSNIAN DIPLOMAT- Interviewed by Airielle & Jason  6/5/98-edited 10/98

First Tango In Maui w/Fabian Salas, Star Of The Tango Lesson - 4/28/98 

Kid Cast For Peace- Solutions For A Better World? Creativity Cafe/Peter Rosen / True Link /CyberCity Maui---4/22/98 

Honoring The Feminine Festival- Tara Dance, Kindred Spirits- 3/1/98

PRO-AM CELEBRITY CHARITY GAME-INLINE HOCKEY RINK in Kihei - 2/13/98--Jason & Airielle with many hockey stars + celebs like Cuba Gooding Jr., DB Sweeney, Radio DJ Rick Dees, etal.-  98

RODGER LAYNG Interview by JASON & AIRIELLE - 2/15/98- re: Lighthouse Internet Design, WWW & Local Benefits, too

Lono & Jason singing at Sports Page, Kihei

Seafest '97 Festival in Kihei

Last Suzi-O Ohana Luncheon w/Bruce Becvar/Sondra Ray @ Maui Beach Hotel - 3/97

DICK VAN PATTEN CELEBRITY GOLF & TENNIS For WOMEN HELPING WOMEN w/stars, including William Shatner, Bill Dana, Paul Sorvino, Nicolette Sheridan, Nancy Valens, Etc.- 12/4-8, 1997 - Part 1

Dr. Michael Klaper Lecture re: Veganism vs. Animal Based Foods- 11/97

SWAMI KRISHNAPADA - 11/19/97- Interviewed by Jason re: world peace/naturalism/Nelson Mandela & world direction  / excerpts from upcoming WHW shows (91&92)

EPA/CANE BURNING HEARINGS- 11/4/97- (1st production by PAPA- People Aligned in Positive Action)- part I- Education- Doctors, videos &  Tilbe Processing system

EPA/CANE BURNING HEARINGS- 11/4/97- (1st production by PAPA-People Aligned in Positive Action)- part II- Public Testimony

AIRIELLE PEARSON interviews LILI TOWNSEND - Hepatitis -C- also Positive  Thinking & Attitude- 11/2/97

HUGUES OGIER, Solar/Energy Services Director, Maui Electric Co, by Jason;  also w/BILL BENNETT, Solar Engineering &  Contracting- 10/31/97


SHELDON NIDLE w/Valerie Donner-Interviewed by Airielle & Jason re: arrival of the Galactic Federation + Earth Changes -- 10/25/97

Elan Vital's Art World in Makawao- walk through & pre-opening - 10/97



AIRIELLE PEARSON by Jason- 7/7/97

MUSIC BY EDDIE FLOTTE, with Airielle & Jason- 5/2/97 & then
7/4/97-Aston Wailea Fireworks

SAGE from ISHPIMING-party; then interviewed by Airielle & Jason from 4/26/97

HANNIBAL TAVARES, former Maui Mayor, Interviewed by Airielle & Jason - 4/25/97 See it on our featured video page.

More with HANNIBAL TAVARES- PART II;  A Music Get Together  

RADIO- Jason Interviews Zilla Adams about Healing Touch Therapy - 4/4/97

RADIO- Jason Interviews Sage from Ipshiming Center, Manitowish Waters, WI...4/3/97- 2 (two) shows

RADIO- Jason Interview with Mauve LaFleur & Marco Biancardi- Star Watch-Basel97 showcase - 4/1/97

RADIO- Jason Interview of Thomas Miller of SOLON Corporation of Hawaii discussing Thermoacoustics and Its Uses for Agriculture and Self Sustainability

RADIO- Jason Interview with Meiling Akuna at Charley's Restaurant Paia- about Kaho'olawe Cleanup/Native Hawaiian Contractor- 3/23/97

RADIO- Jason Interview with Mark Kaplan regarding Star of Columbus 10.71 carat Diamond, Celestial Star Watch & more...3/20/97

RADIO- Jason Interview of Joshua Blue regarding Personal Sovereignty, Environment, Health & more... 3/8/97

RADIO- Jason Interview of Kurt Butler, ("Archie De-Bunker") author of two books about Alternative Health falsities & Personal Nutrition guide...3/8/97

MAMA LOVES TO EAT #1- Jason Interviews LONO- Maui Stylin album debut- at Sub Tropix, Wailea Shopping  Village- 3/1/97

SHEILA COLE by Jason-Candida/Environment/Health/Wilderness at Diamond Resort - 2/97

YVONNE CONNER MD Interview  by Jason-2/97

SHELDON NIDLE Interview with Jason & Airielle # 1 

SHELDON NIDLE Interview with Jason  & Airielle #2 - 1/97

Six Small Segments: Motorcycle & Hot Rod Show, Jason Sings 'A Song For You', Interview of BRIAN O'LEARY & MEREDITH MILLER, Interview with DR. GLENN OLDS, former  U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Musician Brian de Bris in Lahaina Marketplace, Singer Kimo Keliâiholokai, Lahaina- 1/97


Ohana Luncheon - Alan Cohen / Frank Levinson- 12/96


N.F.L.  ALUMNI Interviews by Jason & Airielle- 1996


ELAN VITAL by Jason- 1996

TRIANNA HILL Interview by Airielle & Jason- 1996

STARHEART Interview by Airielle-1996

Music Shorts/Kula- MATT CAIN, etc. 1996

Easter Service- Music by Rafael at MACC ‘96

Watershed Kokua Awards - 1996

DR. ED ELKIN/JOR-EL  Interview by Jason

Kula Harvest Festival1996

Hemp Banquet at Longhi's/w/Poppy Morgan with Airielle & Jason- 1996  See it on our featured video page.

Salvation Army/NFL Alumni Golf Tournament with Airielle & Jason- 1996

Road to Hana with Jason & Airielle- ‘96

Moke Kahiamoe in Huelo with Jason, Airielle, & Katrina- 9/96

Keanae Tropical Gardens w/Jimmy- Airielle, Jason, & Katrina- 9/96

RHANJA Interview by Airielle / Maui Tropical Rhythmns - 1996

Maui Meadows Fire Survivors- 8/96

Ohana Luncheon - Will & Tashina Wilkerson / Pamela Polland - 1996

JASON SCHWARTZ Speaking at the Rotary-Marriage of Economics & Environment

MUSIC from the DAMES AND LONO - 1995

Eros, the Sacred Clown with Airielle & Jason- 1995

LYNNE CONWELL Interview by Airielle & Jason- 11/1995

White Tara Dance for TAI SITU RINPOCHE - 1995

Christmas Carolers-American Heart Association - ‘95

 Interviews & coverage by Jason; interviews include MIKE MEYERS & CHRIS CELIOS, RANDY MORTON, Wes Friewald, Lee Rich


Kula Harvest Festival ‘95

Hemp Seed Feat @ Avalon with Airielle & Jason 1995

Seafest 1995 Festival in Kihei

Sierra Club Outing - 95

Maui Symphony- 4/1/95

Torch of Peace Part II Oman Ken & Bruce Becvar - 1995

Torch of Peace Part I Oman Ken & Bruce Becvar- 1995

Greenways/Bikeways Conference- 1995

Benefit for Papa Kawika - 1995

Sri Chinmoy - ‘95

SHEILA COLE, environmentalist  by Jason / Music by Banda Brazil - 1995

MECO President TOM JEZIERNEY Interview by Jason & Airielle - 2 tapes- 1995

Maui Youth visit the Symphony - Winter 1995

JULIE HOLMES, naturopath, womenâs issues, Interview by Airielle- 1995

MARCO BIANCARDI Interview by Airielle- 1995

MARK COHEN Interview by Jason & Airielle- 1995

DR. NICK BEGICH re: HAARP Interview by Jason- 1995

ELSITA STERLING Interview by Airielle- 1995

Ohana Luncheon - Raphael & Kutira - 1995

Ohana Luncheon w/Sondra Ray- 95


Great Rock Unpiling/MCKENNA HALLETT / Music by Willie K - 1994

Maui Symphony- w/Ikemiya - 1994

Maui Symphony- w/Peter Corragio - 1994

Maui Symphony-  w/Marc Teicholz - 1994

Maui Symphony-  Handel's Messiah - 1994

Maui Symphony-  Pirates of Penzance - 1994

Music by LONO w/JASON- 1994



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