Dream Maui 


THIS IS AN ONGOING VISIONING PLATFORM. I can go on and on in many areas about this.

​It is my intention to schedule music concerts monthly at different hotels and annually at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center with Internet coverage of all the shows and sharing with the world our intentions and what we hope to do as an example in Molokai and Maui. It can only be of great value that one of our islands, Lanai, already has a billionaire developing it. 

Quite fortunately, I have been exposed to technology to harness the medical use and agricultural use of hydroxy hydrogen (HHO) generated from water. In this day and age, power can be derived from the sun, wind, ocean wave technology, and we can employ technologies together and create an extraordinary example and be able to create exportable technology and be an example of how to take what seems like a difficult situation and find natural fulfilling solutions. Tyler LeBaron at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation explains the power of hydrogen molecular technology (LeBaron, Tyler). Over 150 disease models have found hydrogen to be a super solution that we are only beginning to explore in medicine and learning. Agriculture can benefit with super crops and eliminate pesticides using hydrogen and HHO plasma.

Coordinating a substantial land purchase and conscious natural development that meets desires with the people of Molokai and Maui will be a fantastic step toward preservation of beautiful and open land, 1/3 of the island's land, and will be an example of self sustainability and an example of housing models and water desalination models and hydrogen growing and natural pesticide solutions. It is the global example that we at the Maui Arts and music Association have been speaking about since our inception in 1991. We call it DreamMaui®. 


I have a lot to say here and all over this site and the internet.

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