WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?  IT MEANS WE, THE PRODUCT BUYERS AND THOSE REFERRING BUYERS TO THE PARTICIPATION NETWORK, get to Participate in the Profits, like a Decentralized Commissioned Amazon or Google.... over 100 MILLIONS PRODUCTS and Services... and More. And, like a private buying club with Memberships, a lot like Costco, Sam's Club, AmazonPrime and more BUT with being paid commission on helping rNetwork acquire New Charter Members, AND Their Purchases and Membership enrollment as well 10 Levels Deep. One can also Shop thru this Networked Marketplace without being a member, as well.

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​DreamMakers, MAMA & PAPA, has envisioned linking the success and support of individuals and non profit organizations to leverage and share income and fan support in a real and practical way. The world has grown into a world where comfort of convenience of online purchasing and product purchase commissions and membership dmf