We are looking for sponsors and advertisers for our many television shows/internet shows, (as well as advertising sponsors for a quarterly program guide AND insert booklet on CD/DVD project, NOT showing here. Available Upon Request) 

These are ongoing programs, and we intend on showing our supporters great value for their sponsorship. 

We are launching a new series of shows focusing on PUBLIC ISSUES AND PROPOSED SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS AND ALSO SHOWCASE art music and the cultures of Maui both in studio and on location and are looking to add like-minded progressive sponsors.

We would like you to be part of our Sponsorship base. 

There will be many shows each month. Three series in production are: DreamMakers: M.A.M.A. Presents..., live music and art performances plus interviews across a wide spectrum,
"The NEUTRAL Zone™", a fast paced energetic interview and call in radio show plus TV shows where all sides of controversial issues are discussed, AND Living Hawaiian Treasures, a series  of Hawaiian elders living today, that have a lot to share with the people of today... and tomorrow..  

This is an ongoing job/industry event creation project. The blossoming of television production on Maui from a grass roots perspective, with local advertising sponsors/supporters, jobs are being created for local people, who otherwise have no outlet for these specialized learned talents. Employment is a critical issue in an island community, and this program stands at the forefront of a highly desirable public outcome from our productions.

Sponsorship can be on a one time basis or a monthly basis. 

All shows become a permanent online video archive as well, so sponsors enjoy extended shelf life on their advertising revenues' value.

Maybe you would like to sponsor multiple television shows each month ...

Commitments that bundle multiple project area involvement get additional price"breaks" as well as favored positions in upcoming projects.

Sponsorship contributions here will only be taken once. When we receive this placement order, we will contact you to arrange a method to transfer funds monthly in a separate written arrangement, not here, unless we make that arrangement when we speak. Be sure to include your NAME & E-MAIL ADDRESS, & PHONE # on any correspondence with us.

Contributions of 
$100 or morewill be acknowledged with a receipt letter from us. This can, of course, could be one-time or recurring.

Contributions of 
$250 will be credited On-Air as leading community sponsors on all the television shows, part of a sponsor list on our new shows. This can, of course, could be one-time or recurring.
Contributions of 
$500 per month or more get their shown as well as more prominent placement. 
Contributions of 
$1,000 per month or more get their logo and special mention with 10 second on-air produced video clip as well. 


Monies collected from our supporters and sponsors will pay staff both in the studio and on event locations, and in so doing, you will be spreading and establishing a television industry here on Maui, JOBS, as well as creating more music and art promotion and positive leadership for our children.

 We are linking with all kinds of nonprofits so that what we do can help them also, so consider that in the generosity of your help here. .    

Let us know.  

Remember: whether you are a business or individual, 


Call us for any custom arrangements you may want or questions you may have...

(808) 874-5900

Radio & Television Production Sponsors