Team Aloha is a unique donation funding program

​What motivates donors? That is an exploration that could take some time. "What Motivates Donors? Two new studies say", an article in Network For Good, says that people give because we touch their hearts with emotions and issues that they relate to personally (Andresen, Katya). Do these issues impact YOU personally? Are there people you know who could benefit from hydrogen as a medical solution OR maybe you don't like pesticides and companies poisoning our foodstuffs and would like a natural alternative? Maybe hydrogen being used to reverse radioactivity problems like problems from nuclear explosion in Fukushima, Japan?

Maybe permaculture, the solutions for sustainable growing is your button. Maybe it's the cultural promotion of Hawaiian ways. Maybe you like music or art being the vehicle with which we Get to the Masses with messages of hope… and REAL solutions?. 

Five years from now… December  2022: We look out to a crowd of people, people of all walks of life, people of many different cultures, people who see from the results that look back at us and share new levels of cooperation and new levels of public involvement and understanding of their social responsibility and passion for the same. We are talking about living in a beautiful paradise and creating economic and environmental solutions, education and pleasure from art music and culture, and an increasing awareness that love and cooperation trumps separateness and power struggle. Together we will walk into a brighter future with greater hope for the salvation of our planet and the power of positive visualization and the taking action along with our words and ideas. 

We created a unique donation funding tool called TEAM ALOHA.


It may prove to be a giving model for individuals who feel that they have "enough" in their lives and realize that a thriving community is the most important quality of life!