Show # 3  6-25-2018  Jason with JEFF MURRAY, Maui Fire Chief - retiring the end of the month; we celebrate his long and distinguished career and the outstanding contributions he has given and continues to give to all of us! Join In - good insights and path to a safe future!  

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The NEUTRAL Zone™ ... 'It's Anything But Neutral !", says its host, Jason Schwartz, seasoned Maui, Hawaii television interviewer and Founder of MAMA, the  Maui Arts & Music Association . . . (check us out).

The NEUTRAL Zone™ was created because of the interviewing style of Jason, who creates an environment where his guest/can state their points of view where Jason's no judgement attitude can explore the depths of issues and solutions to benefit all peoples...

We are a community of all people, and we share with Love & Aloha... and invite you to JOIN us both on radio, Mondays at 11 AM HST on KAKU-FM, 88.5 on your dial, and Television shows on, Maui Akaku Community Media Channels, AND on YouTube™ as well as in podcast format (coming soon) starting 6-2018



Show # 5  7-9-2018  Jason with SAM SMALL. Sam is a Maui man who has a lifetime of experience in media as a producer and director of many national commercials and documentaries, and has been the host and force behind Maui Causes,  a local television series on Maui, which deals with issues in Maui County and Hawaii.  He has been the driving  force behind the media of local political and non-political media.  Jason brought him on to shape the political season we are in the midst of now.  ​The show will be posted soon.


Show # 6  7-16-2018  Jason with STEVE ROSE, founder of the Maui Hemp Institute and the Lipoa Farmer's Market in Kihei, Maui.  Steve is a 50 year "Hempster" who is leading a charge for education and implementation of the many many many (did I say many?) positive uses of hemp.  Hemp is Cannabis, Marijuana, but it does not contain THC. It is not to get you high. It's a  CROP with fantastic possible solutions to Maui's desire for self sustainability.  Listen to the show.  Great info on a very exciting subject.

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Show # 2  6-18-2018     Jason with DEBRA GREENE, PhD. regarding Smart Meters - Dangers Of and What You Could Do...     show starts at about 1:33 in...

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Show # 4  7-2-2018  Jason with RON FOGEL.  Fogel is a private citizen who has "been through the mill". He has had periods of challenge and has navigated the systems here in Hawaii and has advice for people who have challenges. He is helping people navigate the waters ALL THE TIME. People who face challenges have a helping hand from Ron.   

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Show # 1   6-4-2018     Premiere          Guest Part 4  Nikhilananda  Candidate for State House seat shares some time with Jason Schwartz. Election deadlines are only a day away, and Jason & Nik discuss affairs in the upcoming election season. Link to show on FacebookLive®