The NEUTRAL Zone™ ... 'It's Anything But Neutral !", says its host, Jason Schwartz, seasoned Maui, Hawaii television interviewer and Founder of MAMA, the  Maui Arts & Music Association . . . (check us out). Mid 2019, Airielle joins Jason as host for some interviews.

The NEUTRAL Zone™ was created because of the interviewing style of Jason, who creates an environment where his guest/can state their points of view where Jason's no judgement attitude can explore the depths of issues and solutions to benefit all peoples...

We are a community of all people, and we share with Love & Aloha... and invite you to JOIN us both on radio, Mondays at 11 AM HST on KAKU-FM, 88.5 on your dial, (replays Saturday 7 A.M.) and Television shows on, Maui Akaku Community Media Channels, AND on YouTube™ 

 Show # 59- -- 9-16-2019- Jason Schwartz spends an hour with  KALON PRENSKY...  Kalon is the author of two books on Cold Lasers and has an extensive website at which shows the uses and health benefits. The public needs to know about this powerful technology  ..      YouTube™



 Show # 47- --  6-17-2019- Jason Schwartz with Melinda Gohn-  Melinda is a wonderful woman who initiated the International Peace Poem Project in the late 1990's- also leads the Dr. Martin Luther King Poetry Contest throughout the Hawaiian Islands schools- a delightful show. .... (YouTube™)

 Show # 48- --  6-24-2019- Jason Schwartz welcomes Albert Perez, Exec Director of Maui Tomorrow, environmental and sustainable planning advocates for decades on Maui in Hawaii. They explore facets of Maui's future. Conversation about creation of affordable housing... and more (YouTube™)

 Show # 41- --  4-29-2019- Jason Schwartz with Brian Murphy- Brian is the founder and former director of the Patients Without Time Marijuana clinic in Paia, Maui for 6-7 years in the 2000's.   Brian has been in the industry for 30 years and gives REAL insights into Marijuana, CBD oils, hemp, Maui Correctional facility, government truth... quite an interview. Worth the listen.   (YouTube™)

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 Show # 44- --  5-20-2019- Jason Schwartz with Beau Hawkes- Discussions about the system of government, the direction of our society... theoretical and conceptual vs what is going on now-- interesting discussion... maybeYOU can figure it out... (YouTube™)

 Show # 51- --  7-15-2019- Jason Schwartz with SELF for MOST of the SHOW---    then....   Jerome "TIGER" Metcalfe-  Guest Tiger Metcalfe was unavoidably late- Jason speaks of Visiting production TEMPTATION ISLAND shoot in West Maui, some local issues and then plays Great music til a sudden Metcalfe arrival.      ... (YouTube™)

 Show # 46- --  6-10-2019- Jason Schwartz with Lisa Darcy-  Lisa Darcy. Lisa is SHARE YOUR MANAO Foundation. Homeless and challenged people need to better understand HOW she might help you navigate the troubled waters ! .... (YouTube™)

 Show # 58- -- 9-9-2019- Jason Schwartz has a great conversation with  Maui County FilmCommissionerTRACY BENNETT...  a great conversation about the development of a motion picture and tv/media industry in Maui County AND attracting Film & Media Location shoots and possible future vision  ..      YouTube™

 Show # 42- --  5-6-2019- Jason Schwartz with Joan Heartfield - Joan shares about her newest book, "Romancing the Beloved", HER Story. She and her Husband/partner Tomas do individual and group Counseling and Spiritual Sexual Education seminars on Maui. sharing circles and the journey toward personal individual and partner intimacy and physical, emotional and sexual enrichment. (YouTube™)



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 Show # 49- --  7-1-2019- Jason Schwartz with Jim Loomis # 2-  Jim Loomis (from Show # 45) again joins Jason for conversation. "Tales and Flukes of Life in the Trees: Fractal One: Saving the Cosmos Til Tuesday" . is Jim's recent book. Loomis was the chosen Winner of the FIRST Maui Writers Conference in 1994. Stories of his life pre- Maui and his humankind  ... (YouTube™)

 Show # 55- --  8-12-2019- Jason Schwartz sits with SEVAN THOMETZ . Jason sits with Artist & Sculptor SEVAN THOMETZ... explore subjects of art, airbrush equipment invention, Urantia Book, Mural painting  Sevan shares his many interests... college creative programs- Financial aid-- enjoy!.. YouTube™

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 Show # 38---  4-8-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Keith McCrary -  Caricaturist, Waldorf School educator, Church pastor in San Francisco during the 60's Summer of Love & Flower Power...  great fun conversation and fun exploration of an interesting guy.   YouTube™

 Show # 53- --  7-29-2019- Jason Schwartz with TINA WILDBERGER, ---    HAWAII State House District 11 Rep- Kihei, Wailea, Makena -  Tina brings her fresh ideas and positive cooperative spirit to brisk progressive conversations about affordable housing, minimum wage, climate change, schools, teachers, state and local government cooperation...   YouTube™


 Show # 50- --  7-8-2019- Jason Schwartz with Suzy Gastrein-  Suzy is the grand hostess and equipment coordinator at Akaku Community Media, the affiliated TV station for KAKU Radio. "She has welcomed many visiting guests to our show and Pinch-hits for a Guest who could not make it last minute- Suzy turns the tables and interviews Jason. A lot of fun and very informative.    ... (YouTube™)

 Show # 52- --  7-22-2019- Jason Schwartz with ALANA KAY, ---    SUSTAINABLE ALOHA MAGAZINE Chief-  Alana joins Jason to announce her third issue, featuring WATER of SUSTAINABLE ALOHA Magazine ; Alana shares her views about Water on Maui and her visions for Sustainability        ... (YouTube™)

 Show # 56- --  8-19-2019- Jason Schwartz commemorates the last 55 shows.  Jason spends some time going over the guests he has had on the show since things began here and the reasons why.  Show is an effective table of contents to the last year of shows and points as to why...      YouTube™

 Show # 54- --  8-5-2019- Jason Schwartz with DAVID JOHNSTON  -  David is the founder and director of the MAUI FRUIT FESTIVAL 2019, a 3-Day event October 8-11, 2019 in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Celebration of Fruit and the many aspects of our Tropical treasures as well as Participant driven activities, including information, presentations, gift-culture philosophy, hitchhiking unconference4, Camping on Festival site activity... and more... YouTube™

 Show # 40- --  4-22-2019- Jason Schwartz with Duane Elliott- Duane heads a program called Boys2Men, a mentoring program in schools and in prison as well.  Great program- Great opportunity for emotional growth in our world.   (YouTube™)

 Show # 45- --  6-3-2019- Jason Schwartz with Jim Loomis-  Jim Loomis is a legend to many on Maui. Jim left the city and went into the wilds of Huelo, Maui, Hawaii. author of a great collection of stories, poems and memories: "Tales and Flukes of Life in the Trees: Fractal One: Saving the Cosmos Til Tuesday". ... (YouTube™)

 Show # 37---  4-1-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Barry Wurst-TNZ - The Neutral Zone- 
Film critic and UHMC Professor of CreativeMedia Film Barry Wurst is a fun guest with Jason.  



 Show # 43- --  5-13-2019- Jason Schwartz with NO SHOW-EMPTY CHAIR- Guest was a no show-so, - Jason reflects on the direction of the shows and future guests. Plays music from Louise Lambert, Lono, David Zimian, Don Gere & Jason-   (YouTube™)



We Want You... In fact, You ARE Our Life Blood...




We Want You... In fact, You ARE Our Life Blood...

 Show # 39---  4-15-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Gary Leavitt -  Gary is the director/conductor of Maui Choral Arts. Upcoming April 28 Concert at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center-- also speak of WPAA, Wailuku Performing Arts Association and Wailuku's future as an entertainment Mecca.   (YouTube™)

 Show # 57- --  8-26-2019- Jason Schwartz is joined by Maui County Councilman SHANE SINENCI...  First term councilman Sinenci discusses his important role on Culture and Environmental Committee; shares his views on important subjects facing the County government now AND into the future... ..      YouTube™