Show # 78- -- 2-10-2020 - Jason Schwartz visits with Michael Smith, Founder & Inventor at REGENITECH  from Whitefish, Montana where  an  Earth Power Lodge, featured  in the award winning movie THE NEED TO GROW  . Soil Amendments riding on BioChar create Carbon into soil- microbes and plants super happy- what takes nature 4-500 years in just a number of days.  ...  YouTube™Michael then presented to Committee at the County Council.

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The NEUTRAL Zone™... 'It's Anything But Neutral !"says its host, Jason Schwartz, seasoned Maui, Hawaii television interviewer and Founder of MAMA, the  Maui Arts & Music Association, co-host of M.A.M.A. PRESENTS...1993-Present . . . (check us out). Mid 2019, Airielle joins Jason as host for some interviews.
The Maui NEUTRAL Zone™ was created because of the interviewing style of Jason, who creates an environment where his guest/can state their points of view where Jason's no judgement attitude can explore the depths of issues and solutions to benefit all peoples... 
We are a community of all people, and we share with
Love & Aloha... and invite you to JOIN us both Visual Broadcast Media, locally on AKAKU: MAUI COMMUNITY MEDIA  and on radio, Mondays at 11 AM HST on KAKU-FM-LP, 88.5 on your dial, their low-power affiliate (replays Saturday 7 A.M.) As well as YouTube™

Show # 82- -- 3-16-2020 - Jason Schwartz spends an hour with AMORAH St. John, hostess of KAKU Radio Show "GUTSY WOMEN" Amorah interviews women two at a time on her weekly show that shares dynamic and interesting women from Maui, Hawaii.  YouTube™

Show # 76- -- 1-27-2020 - Jason Schwartz plays expresses some opinions AND some musical tracks from himself singing some, singing some from others and others their own songs- Lono from Molokai AND Louise Lambert.   YouTube™

Show # 77- -- 2-3-2020 - Jason Schwartz speaks with Winsome Williams, La Kahea Community Education Farm Director & Local farmer sharing about Regenerative Agriculture & April 2020 Workshop& so much more...  YouTube™

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Show # 79- -- 2-24-2020 - Jason Schwartz sits with Susan Teton, author of a number of books on food and health.  She has a number of cooking shows, and was one of the founder of a progressive Maui group, Aina First.  Join in on this conversation about healthy food and what we can do to improve the quality of our lives. YouTube™


Show # 75- -- 1-13-2020 - Jason Schwartz with ROBERT ANGELO.  Robert teaches ActNow™ Workshops & is a long standing stage & screen Professional Actor, heralding from New York theatre and television. Recently, he did a command One-Man stage performance portraying famed historical lawyer Clarence Darrow.   YouTube™

Show # 80- -- 3-2-2020 - Jason Schwartz spends an hour with Phyllis Robinson, program coordinator/director of the Hawaii Farmers Union program, Farm Apprentice Mentoring Program.   This program has generated NEW farmers, a trade needed to help Feed Our Island, as well as Save the Planet by regenerating the soil. They enjoy a high success rate of their graduates becoming active farmers. YouTube™

Show # 81- -- 3-9-2020 - Jason Schwartz enjoys an hour with HAIKU HELEN KRITZLER, provider of Haiku Helen Email Marketing, Palmistry and Psychic Reader, Comedienne with the Maui Improv Group. Wonderful all over the map discussion involving many facets of this interesting and powerful woman .  YouTube™


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