Show # 31--  2-11-2019 - Jason Schwartz Re-Visits with Founder Nick Drance. Nick was on Show # 9 on 8-6-2018   Nick shares his thoughts on government progress and local climate plus discusses water rights and new Mahi Pono land and water themes. Community minded action/spirit issues were considered as well.   YouTube™

 Show # 35--  3-18-2019 - Jason Schwartz with David Bruce Leonard, director Earth Medicine Institute. Acupuncture, Plant Medicine, Self Defense, Human Sexuality, Relationship Sanctuaries.. and more- good discussion.    ​YouTube™​

Show # 1   6-4-2018     Premiere          Guest  Nikhilananda  Candidate for State House seat shares some time with Jason Schwartz. Election deadlines are only a day away, and Jason & Nik discuss affairs in the upcoming election season.    YouTube™ 

 Show # 28--  1-14-2019 - Jason Schwartzwith special guest Tapani Vuori, General manager, Maui Ocean Center - sharing of .MOC has been a very positive interactive presence in our community here- new SPHERE- Domed theatre constructed is the largest of its kind in the world- and it is very unique. YouTube


Show # 18-- 10-15-2018 - Jason Schwartz sits with MARK SHEEHAN,  part of political action group, S.A.F.E., plus Maui resident, realtor, past environmental group chairs, etal... . Discussion ensued as related to the faltering levels of actions on issues like housing, homelessness, water, sewage injection wells...for the November election and onward.  YouTube™

 Show # 33--  3-4-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Kurt Butler .  Kurt is a writer and author of investigative analysis of alternative medicine practices. Self described as "possibly The Most hated man on Maui, he champions skeptics of alternative medicine, vitamins, acupuncture... prolific writer online..   is where you can see our other shows  YouTube™

 Show # 23-- 11 26 18 Jason Schwartz & caller-in Donny; Jason had scheduled CouncilWoman-Elect Tasha Kama who couldn't make it, last minute... Jason encouraged calls in and in came Donny and YouTube™ of new era and old "era"... good dialogue and info on Maui Arts and Music Association and a master integrated plan AND HHO Plasma Hydrogen and its potential impact to replace fertilizers and pesticides on crops. YouTube™

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Show # 16-- 10-1-18- Jason Schwartz sits with KE'EAUMOKU KAPU,  Candidate for OHA Maui Seat. Office of Hawaiian Affairs candidate has long history of service and activism for the Hawaiian people and has significant personal experience in the U.S. Courts in regards to Title on HIS familial West Maui property, Chairman of Hawaiian Burial Council, Cultural Commissions... good conversation.  YouTube

Jason Schwartz, Maui, Neutral Zone, Hawaii, Music,

 Show # 6  7-16-2018  Jason with STEVE ROSE, founder of the Maui Hemp Institute and the Lipoa Farmer's Market in Kihei, Maui.  Steve is a 50 year "Hempster" who is leading a charge for education and implementation of the many many many (did I say many?) positive uses of hemp.  Hemp is Cannabis, Marijuana, but it does not contain THC. It is not to get you high. It's a  CROP with fantastic possible solutions to Maui's desire for self sustainability.  Listen to the show.  Great info on a very exciting subject.   YouTube™

Show # 15    9-24-2018  Jason Schwartz sits with ROB PARSONS,  Environmental Coordinator, assistant to the Mayor of Maui County. Rob just returned from Global Environmental Conference in San Francisco and shares insights he gathered there, plus we speak of some local slants on it all. YouTube™


SHOWS # 1 - 36 BELOW.  6-4-18 to 3-25-19 

2018 - Christmas Eve and NewYear's EVE both fell on Monday; so, the station was closed. We ended our year on a positive note show is 2019 !!! 

Show # 30--  2-04-2019 - Jason Schwartz spends an hour with Paul Gotel: author of "The Big U"Paul was a successful figure in Great Britain's music scene but left to pursue a personal spiritual quest. This book steps into the world of Self Transformation with a clear and fresh perspective.. ..   ... YouTube™



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 Show # 2  6-18-2018     Jason with DEBRA GREENE, PhD. regarding Smart Meters - Dangers Of and What You Could Do...     show starts at about 1:33 in...    YouTube™

 Show # 32--  2-25-2019 - Jason Schwartz spends an hour with Dr. Sasha Lessin.   Jason & Sasha have a fast paced journey led through the integrated worlds of love, anthropology, Jesus, space beings and travel and civilizations and homelessness and housing and the matrix and on and on... an important and great discussion. Sasha Lessin has a radio show called Sacred Matrix on the Revolution Radio Network.  YouTube™

Show # 19-- 10-22-2018Jason Schwartz shares with YOU, the audience. he talks about these local elections in general and continues on to talk about public issues and responsibilities as citizens to express ourselves before and after election. Shares great ideas and direction of the future shows, with M.A.M.A. and P.A.P.A. and DMFM being sponsors .  YouTube™

Show # 26--  12-17-2018 -- Jason Schwartz with a No-Show guest turns the show into a year-end Wrap-up with "Peace In Our Hearts" from Louise Lambert AND The Maui Choral Arts group, lead by Gary Leavitt- Christmas songs and Handel's "Messiah". A fun show with great music.  . YouTube™


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Show # 4  7-2-2018  Jason with RON FOGEL.  Fogel is a private citizen who has "been through the mill". He has had periods of challenge and has navigated the systems here in Hawaii and has advice for people who have challenges. He is helping people navigate the waters ALL THE TIME. People who face challenges have a helping hand from Ron.   YouTube™    

Show # 11     8-20-2018  Jason with NELSON ARMITAGE,  Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Reinstated LHG, Lawful Hawaiian Government. Discussions about Sovereignty,Rights of Hawaiians, and the Future and the Spirit of Aloha. YouTube™  

Show # 5  7-9-2018  Jason with SAM SMALL. Sam is a Maui man who has a lifetime of experience in media as a producer and director of many national commercials and documentaries, and has been the host and force behind Maui Causes,  a local television series on Maui, which deals with issues in Maui County and Hawaii.  He has been the driving  force behind the media of local political and non-political media.  Jason brought him on to shape the political season we are in the midst of now.   The show was LOST at the station thru technical error!  We will have Sam on again! * NO YouTube. Sorry.


Show # 25-- 12-10-2018 --- Jason Schwartz on with Sam Small, host of Maui Causes TV. Conversation Discussion  about where he sees Maui going. He brings up some touchy issues we surely will discuss in this next year-YouTube™


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Show # 21--  11-5-2018 -- Jason Schwartz with himself ... and YOU... conversation, music, positive future expectations.... YouTube™- sound only    Twas the day before election and all through the country-- All the people are stirring-- and even the mouse!!!  Jason Schwartz plays music and offers some commentary on the eve of the 2018 election on Maui, Hawaii. There is much hope in the Air!!  

Show # 27--  1-7-2019 - Jason Schwartzinterviews newly elected County Chairperson Kelly King. Maui County Council change of attitudes, newly created directions for public testimony, Corporate Counsel and changes moving forward ... YouTube™

 Show # 34--  3-11-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Acupuncturist Michael Howden .  In response to last week's guest, Jason asked Howden to be a guest to clarify acupuncture and the concepts of complimentary medicine as compared to conventional western medicine. Conversations is open, refreshing and expansive in conceptualizing our health care and ourselves.  YouTube™-Sound ONLY

Show # 9     8-6-2018  Jason with NICK DRANCE, Special Field Correspondent for  The Neutral Zone™. He assists Jason in gathering information for the show. Helping to explain the breadth of information on, a website that shares FACTS , recognizing that people are important... more important than money.  YouTube™  

 Show # 29--  1-28-2019 - Jason Schwartz spends an hour with KAHU LYONS NAONE. Native Hawaiian born and raised in Hana, Maui, Hawaii, Lyons has been sharing and teaching Hawaiian traditions and culture as well as La'au Lapa'au: Healing with Spirituality and Herbs ... Sharing Aloha from an Indigenous People's perspective. Join us..   ... YouTube™

Show # 22--  11-19-2018 -- Jason Schwartz with himself ... and YOU... conversation, music, positive future expectations.... YouTube™   This is the first show AFTER the election- our last guest became Mayor- Mike Victorino- Congratulations.  This show celebrates Thanksgiving and the promises of a GREAT tomorrow- together...  Jason Schwartz plays music and offers some commentary

Jason Schwartz, Jeff Murray

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Show # 24--  12-3-2018 -- Jason Schwartz with himself ...talking about upcoming shows- then 2 drop-in radio trainees, Danny & Stephanie YouTube™

YouTube-sound only

Show # 14    9-17-2018  Jason Schwartz sits with ROBIN KNOX (SEA LILY),  researcher & certified Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) environmental professional consultant.  WATER; scientist, water quality, environmental protection and more- talk about water quality and management issues and future water issues on Maui, the complexity of it all, the ways we can help, future development and planning  direction :  YouTube™ 

Show # 13    9-10--2018  Jason with STEWART STANT & MIKE MIYAMOTO, Directo& Deputy of County of Maui Office of Environmental Management, "Crap and Trash"-Wastewater Management, Injection Wells, Central Maui Landfill/Dump, Management... more.  YouTube™  



Show # 12    8-27-2018  Jason with LISA DARCY,  Director of ShareYourMana Foundation, helping with resources and action directed to helping displaced people, whether living on the streets, in their car, challenges of "slipping through the cracks" in living.  Discussions about post hurricane observations and hopes for the future. YouTube™  

Show # 10     8-13-2018  Jason with JASON SCHWARTZ, doing a POST-PRIMARY ELECTION REVIEW. The discussion goes from reviewing the candidates and how they did on the primary race, but also gets into discussion on some of the issues that need be discussed publicly WITH the candidates AND otherwise...  YouTube™  

  Show # 20-- 10-29-2018Jason Schwartz talks with Michael (Mike) Victorino, candidate for Mayor of Maui County in just 8 days.  Mike shares in a way that a debate or forum doesn't provide. Jason asks some questions from those gathered from a few friends...  YouTube™

Show # 36---  3-25-2019 - Jason Schwartz with Brian Kohne.  Brian is writer/director of films "Get A Job" and Kuleana/Maui"; Brian is also Creative Media program coordinator at UHMC University of Hawaii Maui College.     YouTube™

Show # 17-- 10-8-2018 - Jason Schwartz sits with PAUL DES LAURIERS,  Head of Maui Pono Network. This local political action group has interviewed local candidates based on their values and helps us choose candidates for the November election.  YouTube™

Show # 7     7-23-2018  Jason with Brother BRAD KOSSMAN, 30+ year Mauian who has given selflessly and assisted homeless and distressed people here on Maui since 1985.  Brad has worked on Maui with great social leaders in our community, from churches and homeless outreach to Keep America Beautiful and 'Ol Maui High ...  listen in...    YouTube™

Show # 3  6-25-2018  Jason with JEFF MURRAY, Maui Fire Chief - retiring the end of the month; we celebrate his long and distinguished career and the outstanding contributions he has given and continues to give to all of us! Join In - good insights and path to a safe future!   YouTube™